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Seven Key Points to Manufacture Excellent Aluminum Alloy Cable

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 Seven Key Points to Manufacture Excellent Aluminum Alloy Cable

1, Quality of conductor: Aluminum alloy  rod

The quality of aluminum alloy rod first is determined by the formula of aluminum alloy and then the tooling and technology of smelting, continuous casting and rolling

2, Test equipment of aluminum alloy

There are huge differences in processing between aluminum alloy cable and copper cable. For the aluminum cable, needs more test facilities, among which the most important one is aluminum alloy conductor test equipment.

3, Drawing of aluminum alloy wire

The most advanced drawing equipment is double continuous drawing, continuous automatic tray exchange and efficient no-sliding drawing machine, which can assure the aluminum alloy wire  even, smooth and no broken wire..

4, Twisting technology and product line

Nanotechnology stranding equipment is the most advanced one which is controlled by PLC program, and can produce aluminum scrap free, burr free, oil stain free, smooth conductor.

5, Aluminum alloy cable armour

The best armour line is KALMARK chain armour machine from Canada. This machine is research and developed according to US standard, with specials structure between layers to protect cable from damage force from outside.

6, Conductor cabling annealing

The annealing will promote the electric and mechanical performance, eliminating he internal stress from conductor strand, assuring the service life of insulation.  

7, Quality control

The manufacturer has to make sure all the process meet the relevant standard.

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