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Rapid Development of Photovoltaic Industry Pushing Cable Industry Development

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 In the twelfth five-tear plan, as China increase investment in new energy, the photovoltaic industry will get rapid development, and also promote the development of cable industry. In recent years, the photovoltaic generation construction cost is reducing step by step, however not as expected. Now pursuing high cost-effective is the aim of china’s photovoltaic generation manufacturers. Without expectation, photovoltaic generation system is more reliable and efficient which not only depends on key part, the more important is the steady operation of subsidiary parts. So, the security, stability and reliability of subsidiary are the indispensable parts of the whole system, saving certain maintenance cost for clients.

 Usually, people don’t care cables connecting all the systems, as the special requirement of solar power generation, ordinary cable may not meet the requirement, although it can do, the service life will not be too long with low durability and high price. The system life will be increased if using solar-specified photovoltaic generation cable. It is said that if the weather is fine, the field temperature of generation system will be 100°C. At present, no matter PVC, Rubber, TPE or high quality cross link material, their average rating temperature is 70-90°C which obviously cannot meet 100°C photovoltaic generation system requirement. So, it’s necessary to research and promote specified photovoltaic generation cable. 

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