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Environmental Protection Cable Helping Get More Orders in Power Grid Bidding

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 The environment resource problem pushes China’s economy transformation and upgrading, which affect many industries. As an important part of mechanical industry, cable and wire will also be affected.

 Wire and cable are related to all aspects of life, such as real estate, transportation, industries, and so on. No matter enterprise purchase or personal purchase, the market has a tendency to choose the products with low energy consumption and low pollution effect, which means under the change of whole economic environment, cable market needs green, environmental protection, energy saving products.

In cable and wire industry, environmental deterioration will push enterprises to adopt efficient manufacturing facilities, technology and energy saving and environmental protection materials, maximizing the material utilization, reducing the emission of pollutants. And also, environmental deterioration will push industry products to a new direction, such as energy saving and environmental protection cable, low smoke halogen free cable, even high-temperature superconducting cable.

 Obviously, the environment protection cable without lead, cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, mercury and other heavy metal, and brominated flame retardant material, and passing the environmental protection test by recognized agency of SGS, in line with EU RoSH requirement will be much more popular in near future and get big order in the tenders of national grids.

Western developed countries are in the head of establishing environment protection regulation. Based on the actual situation and according to  increasing emphasis on the environmental protection China has established a series of ecological environmental protection cable standard, defining CATV ecological environmental protection performance, mechanical and environmental performance, burning performance, test method and etc.

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