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Global Nuclear Power Market Rill Reach Trillion Scale in Next 10 Years

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Nuclear power “going out” speed up bloom and fructify

On September 1st afternoon, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council on held talks in the Great Hall of the people with Romania's prime minister, Punta, pointing out the hope that the two sides "promoting nuclear energy cooperation", after the meeting the two sides signed the nuclear cooperation framework agreement, China will help Romania to revive its ageing nuclear power station.

Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli visited Czech in August 29th and participated in the two-day’s China investment forum, he also made clear on the Czech industry and trade minister that China is willing to participate in the Czech " Czech Merlin " and "Du Ke ouane" two nuclear power plants construction project bidding.

Lin Boqiang, Director of China Energy Economic Research Center in Xiamen University expresses when accepting a interview, at present the vast majority of the world nuclear power manufacturing capacity is in China, from the perspective of digestive capacity, we must implement the nuclear power "going out" strategy, the implementation of the strategy to accelerate the development of nuclear power industry chain.

Breakthrough in the European market

With Li Keqiang’s driven, nuclear cooperation between Romania and China are deepening, from which China Guangdong Nuclear Power benefit a lot.

It is understood that Li Keqiang visited Romania in November, 2013, and talked with the country's Prime Minister Punta, letter of intent was signed after talks between Romania National Nuclear Corporation and China Guangdong Nuclear Power on cooperative development Qieernawode nuclear power plant 3 and unit 4. China Guangdong Nuclear Power revealed that Qieernawode nuclear power plant is located on the banks of the Danube, is the inland nuclear power project, planning and constructing 5 nuclear power generating units; wherein, Unit 1 and 2 are already built and in operation; Generating unit 3 and 4 are planning to completed in 2019 and2020, is the important promoting project of Romania.

It is understood that the British government had finalized the deal with the French electricity, allowing the French electricity building two new nuclear power plants in southern England, Hinckley angle. Based on the "Sino French nuclear cooperation for 30 years of history, China National Nuclear Corporation and China Guangdong nuclear power Group acquire 30%~40% stake of 14 billion Pounds nuclear power project through stock participation.

British finance minister Osborn said, "allowing Chinese investment in the UK nuclear power project, is a part of the British development of the next generation of nuclear power technology”. Two China companies can hold minority stakes originally, but in the future can be acquired a majority stake. In the domestic nuclear power industry, won the British project is generally regarded as a major breakthrough of China's nuclear power "going out".

Another Chinese enterprise is expected to obtain the breakthrough in Czech. Reporter was informed that, just before Zhang Gaoli made it clear that China willing to participate in the "Czech Merlin" and "Du Ke ouane" two nuclear power projects bidding, Deputy Minister of foreign affairs of Czech has visited the country nuclear technology in May 12th, the two sides had a full exchange of such cooperation in the future.


Expanding Asia, Africa and Latin America market

In September 3rd, President Qian Zhimin of China National Nuclear Corporation and Antunes, President of Argentina nuclear power company signed heavy water reactor nuclear power plant project framework contract. According to the reporter, sign of the framework contract is to implement the meeting spirit of talk between China President Xi Jinping and President Christina of Argentina in July; in July this year, after talk, the two heads of states witnessed the "agreement on implementation of China National Nuclear Corporation, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Argentina nuclear power company on the construction of the Argentina heavy water reactor nuclear power project".

Reporter was informed that China will invest USD 2 billion for Argentina to build fourth nuclear power plants "atucha 3"; the project is located in Buenos Aires Province, Lima City 115 kilometers north from the capital of Argentina. The local has run "atucha 1" and "atucha 2" two nuclear power stations.

One industry insider told reporters that the unique of this cooperation is that CNNC will provide support for Argentina in technology, services, machinery and equipment and other aspects; CNNC will be responsible for the part of the design, equipment supply and technical services in the project. This is a major breakthrough of China's nuclear power "going out".

In the future international nuclear power market, China will exist with world class nuclear power "giant wolf" such as America, France, Russia and other countries. According to the data provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency, in the next 10 years, 60 to 70 nuclear power units will be launched; and at present, the construction cost of a 1million kW unit in China is about 15 billion RMB; therefore, in the next 10 years, the global nuclear power market space will reach trillion RMB scale.


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