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2014 3rd Quarter Sales Meeting and Middle & Senior Administrator Debriefing Meeting

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 On Oct.6-7, 2014, Morn’s 2014 3rd quarter sales meeting and middle & senior management cadre debriefing meeting is hold in 3rd floor. All executives and middle management personnel of company participated in the report. President Wen Zexin and General Manger Wang Qing listened to the report.

1, Sales meeting of 2014 3rd quarter

On the sales meeting, all sales department heads compare the business performance with annual target in vertical and horizontal, and analyze achievements and deficiencies of new product sales promotion to prepare for finishing annual target. Company recognizes to sales departments with outstanding sales promotion and analyzes the problems occur in promotion process, elaborating company’s new product promotion strategy and product sales strategy.

President Wen Zexin addresses: sales team is the key team, company will increase the market development intensity, focusing on training of sales personnel, paying attention to the maintenance of strategic customers while finishing annual sales target. Also, the company will strengthen the internal operation management, improving producing capacity, quality and after-sale service to support sales work.

2, 2014 middle & senior administrator debriefing meeting

At the meeting, the management team described their achieved performance, innovation, existed problem, and improvement measures with detailed data combined with job objection and performance of duties of past three quarters, and make rational planning and outlook of 2014 by PPT presentation.

After the debriefing report, General Manger Wang Qing made concluding speech. Firstly, he fully endorsed each department performance achievement of past three quarters, and meanwhile, provide improvement plan for insufficient and hope all the middle & senior administrator contrasting Annul Target Responsibility Letter, combining with company’s actual situation, pragmatic, innovating thinking, dare to dare, to ensure 2014 company's full-year targets successfully completed. President Wen Zexin pointed out the entire management should always remain sober-minded; work with ground thinking & more exchanges; summarize inadequacies; clear ideas and need more pragmatic and efficient work style, more powerful cohesion team, more inclusive positive attitude in all work, to make Morn to be domestic special cable industry leader.


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