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Submarine Cable Laying is Popular Around the World

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Submarine cable industry was low before 2005 and after that, benefit from rising energy prices, environmental protection and other factors, the vigorous development of offshore wind power and international power transmission network, submarine cable industry can be described as the "spring".

Industry observers said, in the past 10 years, the global submarine cable market is developing rapidly, and the expected future development will be faster. According to a report issued by USA Colorado market research institutions Navigant Research at the end of 2013, high-pressure submarine cable sales in global will increase nearly 3 times in the next 10 years, increased from USD 1.9 billion in 2014 to more than USD 5.3 billion in 2023.

Walter Musial, chief engineer of national wind technology center affiliated to USA Department of energy said: "the demand of submarine cable is obviously. We can see that the offshore wind turbine installation quantity is increasing year by year, such as North Sea, Asia and etc., American will follow step of these area, vigorously develop offshore wind power.

Norway manufacturer Nexans cable R & D Manager Oswald Berg also predicted that the submarine cable industry will continue to grow, especially in high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) submarine cable.

Germany North Sea DanTysk wind farm is the lying about 159 km with total about USD340 million submarine power cable. Scotland and England also plan laying 385 km, with total value of USD 1.1billion cable in the Irish submarine. In addition, Canada also is promoting a line with total value of USD 1.5 billion, connecting Nova Scotia province and Labrador.

Statistical data from the cable manufacturer ABB displays that, through the 580 km of the NorNed submarine cable between Holland and Norway, Holland consumers can use the Norway hydropower in the peak time of daytime; while in Norway hydropower is insufficient, consumers can use coal power from Holland. Because of the mutual use of energy between the two countries, the carbon dioxide emissions reduced by nearly 1,700,000 tons. As the world's longest submarine cable, NorNed submarine cable project was completed in 2008.

The national power company in Ireland has been proposed that will construct 1000 km submarine cables, to transmission Irish abundant hydropower and wind power to British. It is reported that financing and the feasibility study of the project are in progress.

Although the development prospect of submarine cable industry looks good, but some insiders still think that some factors still existing hindering industry development.

According to Bob Lockhart, research director of Navigant Research said that the laying of submarine cables often have to pass through sea of different countries, and the countries has different territorial restrictions and regulations, which may lead to project delayed or even cancelled. At the same time, equipped ship supply specially for lying cable is very limited.

Even so, Lockhart believed that with the growth of renewable energy sources, submarine power cables will usher in a bright future.


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