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How to Treat and Use Aluminum Alloy Cable in Current Situation

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From 1968, American Southern Cable has begun to research and develop aluminum alloy power cable and until 1970’s, American and European countries and areas begun to use this new kind of cable conductor. At present, aluminum alloy cable occupies leading position in municipal engineering, civil engineering, industrial and business building. In domestic, aluminum alloy cable is used in municipal and civil engineering, iron steel industry, and petrochemical industry, business and entertainment, highway with representative projects including Liaoning Lingyuan Iron & Steel, Ningxia Baota Energy, Chengdu Happy Valley, and etc.,. Through several years’ service, the customers are satisfied with cable quality. In the premise of ensuring quality and safety, aluminum alloy cable provides the most economic and practical power supply solution. No problem in LV power supply, improvement needed for HV power supply The facts prove that there is no safety problem for using aluminum alloy cable in LV power cable field and also saving cost. However, some vendors provide 10KV and higher aluminum alloy power cable and manufacturing BV wire with aluminum alloy conductor. And even more, some vendors forward “aluminum alloy can replace copper” concept, which is not scientific. Replacement should comply with safety and scientific rule. Aluminum alloy cable is not the best choice in special situation In the important places such as fire and mine, aluminum alloy cable is not the best choice. Under these circumstances, national standard high quality copper cable is suggested. The most significant advantage of aluminum alloy cable is easy for installation. Chain armor structure can provide better comprehensive protection for cable insulation, and can withstand bigger longitudinal tension cable than copper. Aluminum alloy cable can lay along the wall indoor, saving installation cost, which copper cable cannot meet. Aluminum alloy cable will be the main force of low voltage power supply It can be forecasted that the rate of aluminum alloy cable in civil building will be higher and higher. However in high voltage, extra high voltage and wire higher than 10KV, copper cable can’t be replaced. As manufacturer of aluminum alloy cable, we should guide the clients to choose aluminum alloy cable scientifically and reasonably and provide safe, reliable with highest cost performance power supply solution for client. National support to aluminum alloy cable development In domestic, copper cable is popular with its high strength and high carrying capacity as history reason, technical reason and other reason, and occupies the whole market. But scarce copper resource in China leads to the increasing of copper price. And because of the disadvantages such as difficulty and high cost when installation, easy to be stolen and aging and etc., the calls of replacing copper is higher. The nation also has planned strategic arrangement for development of aluminum alloy cable and lists aluminum alloy cable into Catalogue for Industry Restructuring. As a country lacks of copper resource, developing and manufacturing qualified aluminum alloy cable to serve for power supply. Aluminum alloy cable project developed blindly will only repeat the same mistake which is supply exceed demand with low price of copper cable Some experts expect that in next 5 years, aluminum alloy cable market in China will be more than 300 billion RMB market scale. China introduced a series good policy also provides support for promoting the aluminum alloy cable. Many enterprises have developed aluminum alloy cable project, in regardless of their own conditions. At present, enterprises with real aluminum alloy cable production capacity is few in domestic, only two USA factories in China and several enterprises having technical cooperation with industry research institute and professional colleges have mature USA ally cable technology. It concluded that Chinese cable enterprises should understand correctly the advantages and low cost of aluminum alloy cable, and how to invest more manpower, material resources for R & D of aluminum alloy cable to win a bright market future.

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